For extra cash, you can make and sell these things

Although a home-based crafts business may not be for everyone, it can provide a great way to make extra income while also earning praises for your creations. You will need to manage administrative tasks if you plan to sell your products. It is best to plan your tasks from the beginning, including bookkeeping, customer receipt generation, supplier finding, tax filing, and bookkeeping.

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There is so much information out there about starting or growing a crafts business. However, this snapshot can help you get an idea of the pros and cons.


  • You can make money with your hobby
  • Your creative spirit should be nurtured
  • You can work whenever you like
  • If you get bored, change your inventory
  • You have many options to sell your products online and offline.


  • It can take time to make crafts or build an inventory.
  • You may not be able to make enough sales to cover your overhead expenses (materials and packaging, etc.).
  • It is possible that you will need to collect sales taxes from buyers and file a tax return to pay it back to the state
  • Repeating the same item over and over can become tedious and repetitive.

Here are 10 ways to make money with your creativity. Also, there are tips and tricks on where and how you can sell your handcrafted products.

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  1. Jewellery

Because each piece is unique, quality home-made jewelry is extremely popular. Jewelry is small and easy to transport to craft fairs or to ship online. Jewelry materials can include beads made from handmade polymer clay, stones, metals, crystals, leather, and many other types.

  1. Art/Decor

Unique works of art are cherished by many people. It doesn’t always have to be a painting. You can also include photos, wall hangings made of fabric, wall stickers, and many other types of art. It doesn’t even have to be hung on a wall. It is possible to make decorative items that can be placed on a bookshelf or mantle.

  1. Soap/Bath Products

It’s very popular to make soap or bath products by hand, especially if you use organic products and they are gentle on the skin. You can either make regular soap or use molds and dyes in order to create different shapes and colors. Your products can also be scented. You can also make soaps, bath bombs and lotions. Because they are consumable, these items can generate repeat sales.

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  1. Candles

Candles can be made in many different shapes, colors, and fragrances, just like soap. You can also use unique containers to store your candles like mason jars and teacups.

  1. Sewn items

You can make and sell many items if you are a skilled sewer, including purses, coin pouches and bags, pillows covers and blankets and pot holders, aprons and pot holders. Also, you can sew costumes, doll clothes, and children’s dresses.