How to Get a Sales Job Without Any Experience?

People without a college degree will find it more difficult to find work in a changing job market. However, there are a few options for people to make a living in sales, and they don’t need a college degree.

You can build your career in sales. You won’t get a piece on paper; you will have a job. There will be more opportunities for employment in 2022 than ever before.

Every day, the world of sales is changing. Companies are now hiring young people with little sales experience and training them to become successful in sales. This means that many companies are looking for sales candidates who have no sales experience. Some companies are looking for sales graduates with no degree and others are seeking candidates who have never sold before. It seems that the key is to learn how you can get started.

It can be difficult to find a job. If you make a mistake, your chances of landing a great job are gone. This is the third installment in our series on sales recruitment, and it explains how to land a position as a sales representative.

In Part 1, we had just begun our search to fill a Sales Hacker job. We shared how our job posting received over 375k hits. In Part 2, we discussed the selection process. This section will cover the things and places to avoid when creating a LinkedIn profile. I learned this from reviewing over 150 applications. Next, I will describe, from the perspective of a hiring manager how to get a decent position in sales in 2022. First, a few words about our winner.

What can I do if I don’t have any sales experience?

Be confident! You don’t need any sales experience to start a career as a salesperson. Managers who hire for sales positions know that not all people start at the bottom but rise quickly to the top. You may also be surprised to learn what sales experience is.

A career in sales can be very rewarding. Sales jobs have a wide range of salaries, depending on where you live or work. However, the highest tier can earn as much as $300,000.

These are some things that you can look at to see if you have the right qualities to succeed in sales.

Demonstrate your transferable abilities

You may have more transferable skills than you realize. If you have ever sold anything, like a TV at Best Buy, then you might be able to rely on your sales skills.

You can even sell lemonade by the side of the road to a child!

You may be eligible if you have ever worked in customer service or retail. It won’t be difficult to connect your talents with the requirements of this position.

Finally, you might include a “selling point” if you have taken marketing or communications courses in college in your resume and cover letters to potential employers.

Even if you’ve never sold anything before or taken a marketing course, you can still succeed if your goal-oriented skills and time management skills are excellent. This post already has some great ideas for how to gain sales experience.