Job Description for Administrative Assistant [With Examples]

Administrative assistants (AA) provide general office support to individuals and/or groups within a company. Even though many administrative assistant job descriptions you can find online look similar, not all roles are the same. Each position is unique because of the way they interact with their team, company culture, and general work environment.

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It is crucial that you are clear about your administrative job description. This will help you quickly find the right person and reduce the time it takes to hire them. It will also give your team the support they need to succeed.

What does an administrative assistant do?

Administrative assistants are responsible for general office tasks. They manage customer and colleague communications, organize events and schedules, enter data, maintain office equipment, and bookkeeping. A well-functioning AA helps teams stay focused and ready for whatever comes their way. This is especially important for individuals and teams with many plates to cover.

Example of a job description for an administrative assistant

Job Title: Administrative Assistant at [Company Name]

[Company name] is more than just a retailer of sportswear. It is a company that explores the potential of people and removes barriers to living a happy and healthy life. The company is looking for someone who can improve the client experience and ensure that their relaxation or fitness journey flows smoothly from day to day.

Part-time Administrative Assistant needed for [Company Name] with a starting salary of $25.00 an hour. The company offers benefits such as a generous rewards package and a 30% discount on all purchases.

Administrative Assistant Duties & Responsibilities

Make clients feel at ease by greeting them and making them feel welcome, over the phone and in person

  • Schedule your fitness classes and therapy sessions
  • Make recommendations based on customer preferences or needs
  • Give important details to potential customers, such as pricing for memberships or classes.
  • Assure that supplies are always available by checking in at the front desk
  • Direct clients to the appropriate department for therapy, classes, or one-on-1 training
  • Make sure client records are current
  • Security issues that could be a problem?
  • Qualifications and experience
  • High school diploma
  • Preferably, two years of experience in the administrative or service industry
  • Requirements Skills
  • Highly organized, self-motivated and detail-oriented
  • Communication skills both verbal and written
  • Basic accounting and math skills
  • Preferred Skills
  • As needed, experience operating a cash register
  • Analytical, critical thinking and evaluation skills
  • Please submit your application if you meet these requirements.
  • The application deadline is the last day of each month.

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How to write a job description for an administrative assistant

A job description for administrative assistant describes the employer and job. It also defines a qualified candidate. It should be informative and descriptive, as well as filtering for those who are qualified to do the job.

Unclarity in job descriptions and qualifications can lead to unqualified candidates, and even repel those who are qualified. Poor job descriptions can increase turnover as employees may leave if they are offered a different job.

A job description should contain a brief job description, followed by a list of qualifications and responsibilities (both preferred and required). Don’t forget any legal requirements.

Job Brief

Job seekers will find a job brief that provides a summary of the job and details about the expected duties. This is where you’ll list the title of your job, the AA’s report to, daily responsibilities, qualifications, location (hybrid remote or in person), travel requirements, and any other unique details about this job.

If you offer remote work, it is important to mention how many days employees are expected to work from home and not in an office.


Candidates should be able to see a detailed list of the duties they will need to perform in the job responsibilities section. A simple statement like “provides administrative assistance” can be taken in many different ways. However, “provides administrative assistance, such as entering data in the CRM, copying contract and keeping meeting notes”, doesn’t leave much room for imagination. This job is not for everyone.

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These are some examples of administrative assistants’ common responsibilities:

To ensure that teams succeed, maintain, organize, and order all office supplies including paper, pens and ink/toner.

Welcome visitors to your office, sign them in, direct them to the right location and make sure they feel at home

Google Calendar allows you to manage and organize your team’s schedule.

  • Executive staff can book travel arrangements
  • Keep detailed meeting notes
  • Answer the phone and make direct calls
  • Skills and qualifications

Your skills and qualifications sections are designed to help you filter out candidates who have the necessary skills and qualifications to perform the job. The section should be concise and clear. It should also be easy to understand so that the candidate can quickly determine if they are qualified to do the job. Because a lengthy list of qualifications and skills can be overwhelming and discourage good candidates, you should keep this section short.

  • High school diploma, or equivalent
  • Valid driver’s licence and passport

Experience as an administrative assistant at the executive level in [industry]

You will have the opportunity to work with multi-function printers. This includes the ability to scan documents, send them as email attachments, set copy settings, and perform light maintenance tasks like replacing toner cartridges.

Enjoy the benefits of office productivity suites like Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace

  • Salesforce CRM Platforms Experience
  • Multitasking and organizational skills are essential.
  • Preferential Qualifications

It is important to differentiate between the skills and qualifications applicants need and the ones that are desirable. A grouping of these qualifications can lead to applicants who are otherwise qualified to feel unqualified and may forgo submitting an application.

Types of at least 65 words per hour

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in finance, business administration, or another related field
  • Multilingual candidates preferred
  • Experience as an administrative assistant would be a benefit.

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You should also include information about the compensation and benefits, how to apply and supporting documentation. You can also include information about the company. You may also need to include information about the company, depending on where you live.